Adventures in Malibu

A Day in Malibu

         When Jessica and I set up this trip I asked her if we needed a Hotel.  Jessica quickly let me know the first night we would stay with her friend Alycia and the next we would stay with her cousin Julie.  When she said this I immanently expected a few days of couch sleeping and talking in my sleep to Jessica.  This couldn’t have been further from the truth!!!!!!  The first night we were welcomed into a gated Malibu community.  On our way in there was a one way bridge across that Jessica quickly began to cross as I started to say ” Uh Uh Jessica that Range Rover is trying to get through too!”  Jessica, as we were passing the tinted window car, that well cost more then me and Jessica make in a a year!  “Don’t mind me Range Rover!!! were just here in our rented Dodge!!!”  lol  As we cruised into drive way of a stunning house our house guest Alycia was right behind us to greet us!  As she got out of the car she informed us that Camille Grammar that Range Rover we so rudely forced to back up off the one way bridge.  Jessica looked at me and said “Who is Camille Grammar?”  LOL!!!!!!!!!  The rest of the night was full of girl talk, oreo’s, and me trying to grill Alycia of all the famous people she knows and has drove there kids to soccer practice.  (While Jessica asked who is that after almost every celebrity name!”

         Then next morning we ventured out to an AMAZING breakfast at Malibu farm Cafe on Malibu’s board walk.  Then it was driving around to see the sites with our amazing guide.  Alycia knew everything from where the best beaches were, to Pierce Brosnan house, and where Bruce Jenner (opps sorry I mean Caitlyn) crashed and killed someone.

          Was seriously such an amazing time and Alycia was so awesome and great!  I can’t wait to have an adventure with those two gals!!!

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