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Le Salon Bridal was just awarded the covited Seattle’s Best new wedding vendors!  And rightfully so!  Nikki and her team have worked so hard to make Le Salon Bridal beautiful and amazing.  I’m lucky enough to get to work closely with Nikki and her team at Le Salon Bridal, & the other night we got sit down and chat about what makes our business special and how we are planning to work together in the future to help grown and support each others businesses.  (Check below to see our interviews)

Check back in later to hear about the special trunk show at Le Salon Bridal, where I will be there offering free pictures of you in your wedding dress and a special offer of 15% off your wedding package when you book with me at the trunk show!!!!!!  Exciting things are happening people!!!!

Brit Solie Designs Interview: 

Why Photography and how did you get started?- I loved photography all through high school and it always seemed a bit un attainable goal to be a full fledge photographer because 3 out of 5 photographers close up shop within the first 3 years. But after the birth of my daughter Solie, I wanted to be able to tell her to follow her dreams and do what she really loves but how could I tell her that when I didn’t even follow my own advice?! So I took the leap of faith and started Solie Designs.

What does Solie stand for?-

Solie is my maiden name and holds a very near and dear place in my heart because my Grandma Susie Solie gave me so much of my creativity and drive to do what I love. My grandma was the most giving and selfless person. One of the reasons I love photography so much, is it’s my way I can give to others, by creating not just lasting memories but lasting relationships.

Why do you think you have been so successful and customers come back to you?

I think my customers truly appreciate that I am laid back, and I’m not just taking your pictures but I’m creating a friendship and bond, so they know they can trust me with their memories. My job is so special that I get to witness and capture some of the most important experiences in peoples lives! I mean who gets to say that?!

What is the most important thing to you as a photographer?-

The most important thing I can do with my photography isn’t the picture it’s self but relationships and impressions I have on my clients. I learn something new with each couple I shoot and to give a picture of a client that truly means something to them you need to know them! Not just on a outward level but on a personal one. So when they look back at that picture they remember how much fun they had, and how I care not just about their pictures but them as people as well. I am so incredibly lucky to have the opportunities I do working with such amazing people. From watching couples begin their new lives together, to traveling to new destinations and seeing them through my lens, to meeting and working with new friends who share the same passion I do, I am constantly evolving and becoming a better and more adventurous photographer and I think that shows in my work. I truly love what I do.


Nikki’s interview-

What makes Le Salon Bridal different?  And what kinda of bride does Le Salon Bridal fit?-

Le Salon is a NYC style showroom with private one on one appointments. We hand select each dress in our inventory to ensure there is a variety of styles for each kind of bride, and our stylists are uncommissioned so you can be sure that our passion for fashion will translate into honest, unabashed advice. We know that picking a dress is more than just buying a dress. It’s a personal experience not only for you but your family and friends to cherish forever and we want to make sure its as memorable as possible. 

Whats your favorite part about working here?-

The passion that the team has for this industry. We all came from completely different backgrounds from medical to tech and all found each other and have continuously built this business to be something truly unique in this field. I’ve worked in a few different shops in this area and I love the uniqueness of Le Salon and what we are able to offer our brides. 

What are you hoping to do in the future at Le Salon Bridal?-    

Le Salon is hoping to bring a new flair to the bridal market in Seattle. From unique one of a kind dresses, to special events, the brides that come to Le Salon will be able to experience more than an hour long shopping experience. The next thing on our list is our August 28-30 Julie Vino trunk show where all of the dresses will be hot from Tel Aviv and are part of Julie’s newest collection, “The Quartet”. We are the only retailers in the entire country to carry this line so it’s quite a treat to offer that to our brides. 

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