Vintage Ballroom Wedding

The Monte Cristo Ballroom is Premier wedding venue in Everett.  So to showcase all that the Monte Cristo has to offer is not difficult.  The Monte Cristo provides 82% of all vendors and products you need for your wedding.  They make planning your wedding effortless and the food is by far one the best catering services in the Pacific North West!  And now the Monte Cristo is offering Bridal dresses into there repertoire!   The Monte Cristo Bridal Store will be opening within the next few weeks and it will not disappoint!  Take a look of everything you can except from this amazing venue! 

Venue- Monte Cristo Ballroom  

Dresses- Monte Cristo Bridal                                                                                                                

Food- Monte Cristo Ballroom                                                          

Rentals –  Vintage Ambiance                                                                

Hair and Make up- Kathy Evans Beauty Studio                          

Flowers- Love Blooms                                                                  

Model- Rachel Rokne

  1. Taylor Nicole Wall says:


  2. Whenever there is wedding of some legend and popular person of time, all the arrangements look very beautiful and many people are invited in those functions.

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