Corona Time

No School, no shirt, no problem! With school out for the year that means a lot of messes and crazy projects here at the Wallin house. So strap on your goggles cause the Solie & Hayden have been busy bees! Everything from painting star wars ships, sword fights with yard tools & construction projects that are more like an atomic bombs. Its been like the wild west here in Arlington or as Hayden so exciting calls “it’s Corona Time!”

You’ll want to see all these!

  1. Love it! I’ve been capturing our day to day, and I’m loving it! Beautiful family!

  2. Trish says:

    Love reading your blogs! The way you capture a moment is so timeless..

    Thank you for sharing!

    Stay healthy and sane my friend!

    Xo ✨

  3. Hailey says:

    Great photos! Double like the wine selfie! 😉

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