Evan & Vanessa

Every wedding I do is special! Hey I’m not going to lie! I Love, Love!!! But when I personally know the couple it makes everything just a little sweeter. Evan worked for me at Nordstrom… what now seems like ages ago. But even back then, it was apparent to everyone that Evan was a stand up guy. Always willing to rise to the occasion, lend a helping hand, and clean up others mess when he could have easily walked away. I could really go on and on speaking Evans praises but anyone who knows him doesn’t need me to go any further… he’s just the best! So naturally I had very large shoes for Evans wife to be fill. Lucky enough Vanessa fills all that, and then some! Vanessa is just as kind, selfless, and fun as Evan. Maybe most importantly she can put up with Evans sarcasm.

Due to covid 19 Evans & Vanessa original Wedding plans had to be re arranged till later this fall, but an elopement with just family was something to lift everyones spirits and weigh down Evan’s ring finger (which he said felt right)!

I’ve done a lot of weddings in my day but this one was truly one of the most heart felt for me. I’ve seen couples who I know personally, and I see a good match. But life can be hard, cruel sometimes and can tear even the cutest couple apart. But Evan and Vanessa… words really can’t describe how much I admire and know their hearts. They will do the work, put in the time, and they will do it with a sarcastic joke at the end. You want to know what a true marriage looks like? It’s Evan & Vanessa. I can’t wait to see them tackle there next adventures. I’m so happy for them both!

  1. what a beautiful wedding !
    Congratulations and Blessings to you both for a long and happy marriage.
    Evin, I see both of your good looking parents in you, and Vanessa, I am sure you have many others that have told you, that you look like beautiful, Jayne Seymore..”Somewhere in Time”…A true love story….Sending much love to you both!

  2. Jack Richards says:

    After a couple hundred weddings over past 45+years, this one is in the top ten! A great couple in a beautiful setting focused on what should matter most together with outstanding photography. Mange Tusen Takk

  3. Linda Ray says:

    What a beautiful wedding you shared! Evan, you grew up so handsome and strong; just like your dad!! Iā€™m so happy for you both to start your new life together sealed with the love and devotion to one another. Stay true to each other and your love will grow even stronger each day! Congratulations to both of you!! šŸŽ‰
    Linda & Bo

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