Kaylee & Seth

Kaylee & Seth are navigating the waters of having a wedding durning pandemic, and while plenty of curve balls have been thrown their way for their halloween wedding date, they have taken it in stride. But if anything, this is great practice for their adventure into married life. Because while marriage comes with its own challenges I think these two are prepared to navigate any rough waters with their fun easy going attitude. Getting to know Seth and Kaylee I can tell they truly have fun together, make the best of any situation and love a good laugh. Those are some of the best traits to fall back on when the tide can change. These two really make the best of any situation and I can’t wait to have lots more laughs and fun on Halloween which is sure to be a day of smooth sailing.

  1. Jamie Glein says:

    These are the best Brit! Absolutely gorgeous photos. Thank you so much!

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