Morgan & Jared

We are all human, and at one time or another we fall short and make mistakes…. while I know I can be overly critical of myself…. this is one I really messed up.

I’d been running around shooting weddings, trying to keep my head above water and this time…..this ONE!!! time, I made a huge mistake.

I’m a cautious person when it comes to backing up my images but somehow I screwed the pooch. I lost images from a couple who means more to me then most, because they are the family of my best friend.

This has ate away at me for a long time…. But god is good and in a time I needed some hope he gave it to me, in the way of pictures.

I always only want to give, and provide for others…. But this time, the glory goes to god because I screwed up! Now we have these images of a wonderful night, with a beautiful couple, who deserves nothing but the best!

The images from Morgan and Jared’s wedding were able to be recovered… I’m crying just thinking about it! I never want to disappoint anyone, so the fact I fell short of my job disappoints me beyond belief and eats at my core. But in another way it makes me so thankful that god provides hope when we least expect it, and gives us the strength to serve and give to benefit others.

Love you Morgan & Jared!

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