Ericka & Jeff

Ericka and Jeff


 What was your favorite part about having Solie Designs as your photographer?: 

I don’t think I can pick just one favorite thing about Brit as our wedding photographer. For engagement shoots She not only drove all around finding back roads to the most perfect spot but She brought extra jewlery and outfits if I wanted to wear. On our wedding day she made me feel so comfortable and just rocked the whole night (even getting down on the dance floor 😁😁) she not only was an amazing photographer but she became an amazing friend!

Did Solie Designs Exceed you expectations? And if so how?: She Beyond exceeded my expectations. She was there if I had any wedding questions, not just photography questions, she met me for lunch and helped me de stress when I became stressed. She was there as a friend and one of the best photographers! she knows the perfect shots with perfect lighting and I was not disappointed in any of the pictures I have received! I get compliments on all of my pictures and I would recommend Brit in a heartbeat!

How did Solie Designs give you confidence that you picked the best photographer for you and your even?: I had confidence from the time we met for sushi to this day! She is a trustworthy woman and she loves what she does. Someone who loves what they do as much as her solidifies the fact that you will not be disappointed in her work. She puts quality time into all of her couples from the day you meet until she gives you your full package. Or even longer when she does your maternity shoot and your family pictures. She is someone that you will want to keep around forever!

What would you tell a Couple looking into booking with Solie Designs?: Book her! Don’t hesitate you won’t regret it! Brit is amazing in all settings! Whether it’s a wooded area she is shooting in or out by the water, she is amazing at what she does and will make you feel beautiful, give you confidence that may have disappeared and you’ll have the time of your life! She makes everything so fun!